Past Production

Winter Wonderland

Past Production

It’s winter: the days are shorter, the trees are looking bare and the temperatures have plummeted. But…there’s no snow! The Snow Machine in Winter Wonderland has broken and, if it can’t be fixed, winter will be ruined forever!

But all is not lost. Jack Frost and the Snow Queen have heard that you, the winterns at home, can help them? Can you work out why it’s broken? Will you help Jack and Snow mend it and save winter? And does yellow snow really taste like chicken?

Winter Wonderland was offered online in December 2020 and, following the phenomenal success the year prior, was re-released in December 2021. The online production reached thousands of people labelled with profound and multiple learning disabilities across 5 continents.

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Winterns, catch a glimpse of our 2020 & 2021 online production of Winter Wonderland by watching the trailer below!

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  • The Snow Queen
    Emma Prendergast
  • Jack Frost
    Sami Kali


  • Writer & Creative Producer
    Daniel Swift
  • Director
    Belle Streeton
  • Video Editor
    FlyGirl Films
  • Makaton Consultant
    Priti Chouhan
  • Sensory Engagement Consultant
    Joanna Grace