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What is Sensory Theatre?

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Multi-sensory performance is an inclusive, purpose-built production, designed to meet the needs of our audience with PMLD, often known as sensory beings.

Multi-sensory/inclusive theatre isn’t stripped back, bare bones theatre, it’s a fully immersive production designed to enrich our audience in our world through sensory play.

The show incorporates different sensory elements to be explored, such as: taste, sound, touch, smell, or things to see. We allow each individual plenty of time to explore each sensory element, to the point where the duration of the show is fully dependant on how long an individual with PMLD wishes to explore a sensory item.

More About Us
  • Sensory play has been proven to promote:

  • Language Development
  • Cognitive Growth
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Social Interaction

There is so much more than just multi-sensory play that goes into making a Concrete Youth production inclusive.

We have a chill-out space at every theatre that audiences can visit at anytime during a performance, if they need a moment.

We tour to theatres with Changing Places toilets. If the theatre doesn’t have a Changing Places toilet, we do all we can to provide a hoist and changing bed ourselves.

The house lights at every performance remain up, to keep our audience comfortable and happy.

All casts are specially trained to ensure that they deliver sensory engagement and intensive interaction to an expert level.

Our casts work with a Makaton tutor who teaches them all signs in the script, along with signs they will need in order to communicate directly with our audience.

All Concrete Youth productions are designed to avoid loud bangs or noises, sudden movements, or anything else that could unease our audience.

Our casts are trained to encourage movement during the performance. If our audience wish to get our of their chairs and explore the space mid-performance, they are perfectly welcome to.

Our cast are around prior to every performance to meet the audience and put them at ease before the show begins.

All Concrete Youth productions are carefully crafted to create a truly inclusive, sensory experience for audiences labelled with profound and multiple learning disabilities.

That’s just some of the many ways that we keep our productions inclusive and comfortable for our audiences with PMLD

For general enquiries, training & support, private sensory stories, school workshops please contact us by filling out the form below and we will get back to you shortly. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 01482 274537.

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